Live the art of memory

Since 2005, Hotel Santa Rita, with its warm colonial style, has brought to Zacatecas the combination of expression and unparalleled service.

Live the art of memory

Since 2005, Hotel Santa Rita, with its warm colonial style, has brought to Zacatecas the combination of expression and unparalleled service.

Our history

«Hotel Santa Rita»

Zacatecas Zac

Hotel del Arte Santa Rita, built around 1912/15, whose spaces were used for various uses, including serving as the casino of the city of Zacatecas around 1945 until almost 1965 and later becoming an agricultural machinery store, was finally acquired by the Zesati family who are its current owners.

The invoice of the architectural cover is of a mixed work, an example of «modernity» and permanence.

Around the year 2002, the owners of the farm located in the historic center of Zacatecas, Zac. They decided to renovate said space and turn it into a great hotel, the architect Gonzalo Arenas was the one who carried out the project respecting the privileged location of the farm.
The facade is hand-carved, in pink-toned Zacatecan stone masonry, designed with ornaments, stamps and auctions of various symbols, in the style of the surrounding area: ornate and elegant, baroque and eclectic.

Being the facade the distinctive element of greatest value, a detailed survey of it was carried out in order to rescue, restore and preserve it as much as possible.

In 2002, an auxiliary hanging system was implemented that allowed it to be maintained without damage during the entire process to create the interior of the hotel. Outside we admire all the splendor of its past and inside, modern architectural spaces with all the comforts and current technologies.

Following this idea of ​​contrast, the exact reproduction of the exterior façade was carried out inside, in such a way that this great hall is a combination of an ultra-modern style together with the great staircase where the contrast between the simplicity of white marble and tempered glass railings joining with the beautiful baroque in the quarry reproduction of the interior façade and the hand-carved veined wood ceilings.

The new spaces that today make up the Santa Rita Art Hotel were interconnected with a large interior patio that provides us with perspectives and visual finishes adorned with Zacatecas and national plastic art. Achieving the union of two historical times by Zacatecan artisans in the same space and time.

For the creation of these architectural interiors, a mixed structure of steel and concrete was used, which allowed the distribution of 41 boutique rooms of various sizes, all beautifully proportional, illuminated and with the same formal style of great simplicity and elegance.

It has a centralized elevator of special design because access to people with different abilities has been taken into consideration.

Hotel del Arte Santa Rita, in addition to offering exclusive and modern boutique accommodations, unique in Zacatecas, also serves national and international haute cuisine.

All the visual spaces of both the common areas and the rooms were studied to ensure that there was always a visual auction of art by various Zacatecas and national artists. Achieving in this way that the set is a true art exhibition.

The architectural solution contemplates the full use of the rooftops for various social events, capturing the beautiful view of the cathedral and the city.

The Hotel del Arte Santa Rita was officially inaugurated on August 5, 2005.

Finally, all the manufacturing of the hotel was achieved with the high quality of the local workforce, its artisans and of course its renowned artists. This property has become a reference landmark and an example of the use and conservation of Zacatecan heritage.

Now that you know a little more about the Hotel del Arte Santa Rita, it is time for you to live the experience.

Feel safe at Hotel del Arte Santa Rita.